Veternary Technician

Kayla Lewis

Kayla joined our Mt. Pleasant team in 2019. Kayla has her associates degree in equine business management and therapeutic horsemanship. She grew up in Stamford, CT and has moved to Oxford, CT with her fiancé Joe in 2018.
Kayla has an undeniable passion for the animals around her. She makes sure to go above and beyond for her patients she see.

At home Kayla has a variety of animals. Her dogs Piper (papillon), Hazel & Cooper( Golden retriever), Delaney (terroir mix), Polo the Umbrella Cockatoo, two horses - Pooh Bear & Chleo, Chloe the cat, and last but not least her ferrets - Zelda, Muppet & Sprinkles.

When Kayla is not in clinic she enjoys to spend her time horseback riding , paintball, hiking, video games, parks , zoos, going to museums and cooking !

Fun fact about Kayla is that she is an open book but her actual hair color is dark brown.