Lead Technician/Groomer

Mary Simpson

Mary is the senior member of our team, having been with Mt. Pleasant Hospital for 10 years. She received her training under the guidance of the hospital founder, Brian Silverlieb, VMD and now acts as our head technician. Mary grew up in an agricultural atmosphere and graduated from Nonnewaug High School from their vo-ag program. She was also very active with 4-H and Future Farmers of America.

Mary has established a breeding program with Australian Shepherds and shares her home with Travis, Tala, Munchkin, and Koz. She also has a collie named Sky and 2 cats, Jojo and Tuffy. She has shown horses most of her life as well and currently owns an Appaloosa mare named Fancy and a Quarter Horse named Babe. Her dog Travis is also a certified therapy dog.

Mary has always enjoyed the hands on aspect of her job and as one of Dr. Vali’s main interests is reproduction work, has continued her education and experience in that field as well. In her spare time she enjoys horseback riding, showing dogs, and many artistic pursuits such as sculpting and painting.